RTV interwiev Olga and Natalia Tatievskaya: "we are going to play a wonderful New Year Concert!"

Reggio TV,  Enzo Romeo
Reggio Calabria, 21 December 2010.

The russian pianists and twins sister accompany and collaborate intensely the award-winning duo of twins De Stefano. In this interview, talking about future engagements awaiting them, announced that they will return in  Calabria, to bring the New Year Concert in Reggio Calabria with a new repertoire for two pianos with eight hands, always collaborating with De Stefanos.
"..We always return with big enthusiasm in Calabria. We are going to play a new repertoire for two pianos 8 hands for the New Year Concert in the wonderful "Cilea" Theater. ! "

The New Year Concert is scheduled for Sunday 2 January 2011 at the Theatre "F. Cilea".

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